The Palestinian Authority is proceding in its plan to disarm the resistance groups to outdate Israeli pretext used to delay the handover of Palestinian cities to the PA.

Chief of the Israeli military intelligence colonel Aharon Farkash said on Thursday that the Palestinian Authority has collected the weapons of the Palestinian resistance men wanted by Israel in Jericho.

Farkash told the Israel Radio that the PA is currently preparing to do the same in the West bank city of Tulkarem, ‘as they pledged to do.’

The Palestinian Authority has decided few days ago to allow two days for all the resistance men in these two cities to hand in their weapons to the PA security forces.

The Palestinian Authority took over security control over these two cities following the Sharm Al-Sheikh agreement signed in February of this year.

On the other hand the Israeli cabinet suspended the hand over of other Palestinian cities claiming that the PA did not collect weapons of the resistance.

It was agreed in Sharm Al-Sheikh that Israel hands five Palestinian cities over to the Palestinian Authority.

The PA managed to get most of the armed resistance men to sign job applications to the security forces, where at least 200 did.

The Palestinian authority has repeatedly said that it will not allow any arms display in its territories except that of the Palestinian security forces, and any other weapon will be considered as illegal and will be collected.