Israeli Minister of Internal security Gideon Ezra stated on Monday that the arrest of the far-right-wing activist Neria Ofen was based on his intentions to carry out terrorist attacks, not because of his opposition to the disengagement plan, Israeli sources said.

The Israeli security establishment is considering holding some right-wing activists under administrative detention ahead of the planned pullout.

The pullout was delayed to mid-august after it was scheduled for early July. 

Israeli sources related the delay to Jewish religious reasons.  Meanwhile, some Rabbis said there is no religious problem in carrying out the evacuation during the three weeks holyday in Israel.

The Israeli police have ended their rehearsal for the evacuation.  Five policemen will be assigned for every settlers expected to violently resist the evacuation.

Four policemen will carry the settler from both arms, legs, while the fifth will clear the way for them to reach the police cars.