Dozens of Palestinian farmers clashed with Israeli soldiers and guards of the ‘Separation Wall’; who attacked woman identified as Siham Yousef Abu Aker, 30.

Siham was nine months pregnant and aborted after the soldiers attacked her. 

The clashes which erupted in the village of Dir al-Asal, near Hebron, were described as the most violent since the army started constructing the Wall in the area.

Also, soldiers attacked resident Mohammad Abu Hadeed, causing concussions in several parts of his body, especially his face, hands and legs. 

Yousef Abu Abbara, a resident of the village, reported that soldiers confiscated 120 sheep owned by him, his brother and Mohammad and Hatim Al-Amayrah.

Abu Abbara added that clashes erupted between the residents and soldiers when the soldiers attempted to force them out of their farmlands.

Also, soldiers arrested Ibrahim Mohammad Al-Shawamra, 24, after detaining him and dozens of residents for several hours.