In spite of continuous efforts by several institutions, detainee Ammar Riziq al-Masry, 38, from Nablus, is till unfound, after he was arrested by the Israeli army while he was heading to his farm on April, 13, 2005.

Al-Masry was transferred to Huwwara detention where he spent four days under interrogation, and then he was transferred to Petah Tikva detention for 14 days, which were renewed to additional 22 days, then we was transferred to an unknown location.

Al-Masry is suffering on injuries after the army detonated his home, and needs further medical care, his wife appealed humanitarian organization to attempt to locate him, and provide him with the needed medical care.

Al-Masry is a father of five children, three boys and two girls, and carries of B.A degree in Hebrew literature from Cairo University in Ein Shams.

His son Suheib sent an open letter to his father, his missing father, telling him;

“Dear father, where are you now…I need you and wish that you are near me now, to embrace me and encourage me, I need your love and unlimited kindness, now am moving to another stage of my life and education, finishing my years at school, missing you and hoping to find you there, they abducted you while you were going to work, and provide us with the food we need, but…they just took you away from us, come back to us”.

His daughter Asma’, wrote him expressing her longing to her father, who loved and supported his family, and was always willing to give them, and provide them with a good life.

“my beloved father, you didn’t come back home to us, every day before I sleep, and before I go to school, I just wish you are there, I need you father, how can I eat without you, after you used to feed me, I don’t want to eat without you father, come back to us, I can’t live without you anymore”

Yet, Al-Masry remains in detention, somewhere in one of the Israeli prisons, nobody knows anything about his condition, his health, he remains one of the Palestinian prisoners who ‘just disappeared’ in Israeli prisons, while prison authorities are not providing any information about him, his location or even his health condition.

Amin Abu Warda, PNN