An Israeli source reported on Friday that security guards of the Israeli embassy in the Uzbek capital Tashkent shot and killed a man near the embassy.

The Israeli Ynet news website reported that security guards suspected the movements of the man and what was described as his ‘strange behavior”.

According to the security guards, the man refused to stop after the guards ordered him to, fired rounds in the air, and shot him dead when he refused to halt, the Ynet reported.

The Israeli embassy opened an investigation in the event in order to reveal the incidents and the identity of the man.   

The Uzbek police reported that the man “was carrying a harmless package”.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Foreign Ministry said that it is still unclear if the man intended to carry out an attack, or if he was just a “man with a strange behavior”.

The United States embassy reported that the man was a suicide bomber, no additional details were revealed.

July 2004, three residents were killed by explosives in Tashkent, one near the Israeli embassy, and a bodyguard of Tzvi Cohen, the Israeli ambassador to Uzbekistan.

Sylvan Shalom, the Israeli Foreign Minister declared emergency state in all Israeli embassies around the world.

Shalom told the Israeli radio that ‘international terrorist organizations” are planning to carry out attacks against the Israeli embassies.

Shalom added that the security guards of the Israeli embassy in Tashkent shot the Uzbek after suspecting that he is a suicide bomber.