Palestinians, across the globe, will commemorate Sunday the 47th anniversary of the Nakbe day. In the year 1948, Jewish armed groups forced the majority of Palestinians to leave their cities, villages and towns, and later razed to ground around 438 Palestinian localities.

Around a million Palestinian became refugees in neighboring countries, enduring unlivable conditions in dozens of refugee camps most of them were established in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.  


Since then, most of Palestinian refugees have been living on the hope of being allowed to return back to their lost towns and villages.

Despite the fact that the United Nations’ resolution 194, issued in 1948, called for allowing Palestinian refugees back to their localities, 47 years passed and refugees are still waiting.

The issue of Refugees’ rights is the hardest among all disputed Palestinian-Israeli issues. Israel, backed by the United States, insist that no refugee will be allowed back into Israel in any final status solution, Palestinians insist that refugees’ right to return is a sacred human right that no one can relinquish.