Lawyer of the Palestinian Prisoners Society, Mohammad Abu Rayya, visited several detainees in Gilboa detention who informed him of repeated attacks against them.

Abu Rayya said that a special forces of the Israeli called, members of a unit called Mitzada, repeated attacked them in their rooms and cells, conducted military searches and deprived the detainees of their basic rights.

The detainees told Abu Rayya that soldiers are forcing them into solitary, and depriving them from their visitation rights, in addition to repeatedly breaking into their rooms and cells to search them.

Detainee Karim Younis said that soldiers repeatedly deprived him from any visitation and placed him in solitary without any reason.

Also, Gilboa prison administration opened a new section and placed 160 detainees in it.

The Knesset interior committee, headed by Ghalib al-Majadlah, decided to visit Gilboa detention on June 1, 2005, after Arab prisoners complained about the conditions in detention, and demanded improving their situation.