Resistance fighters in Nablus and Balata refugee camp reported that Israeli soldiers have not stopped their attempts to arrest or assassinate Palestinian fighters, despite having promised to do so as part of the cease fire agreement made in February.

Ala’ Sanaqra, one of the leaders of the al-Aqsa brigades in Nablus, said that resistance factions are concerned about the latest developments in the Palestinian areas, especially the repeated invasions carried out in Nablus, Balata refugee camp and other Palestinian cities and villages.

Also, Sanaqra demanded the Palestinian Authority to achieve an Israeli commitment of not targeting the fighters and halting the military activities in the occupied terretories.

“We want our leadership to inform us of any developments, and act locally and internationally against the continuous military invasions”, Sanaqra said.

Sanaqra added that the Israeli authorities released a list of names of wanted resistance fighters, who will not be targeted by the army, but soldiers did not stop their attempts to assassinate or arrest them.

Nasser Joma’, one of the brigades leaders, said that Israel is ‘does not seem interested in any truce”, and that he predicts that the army will launch a series of operations to assassinate and arrest the fighters. 

Friday and Saturday at dawn, Israeli soldiers invaded Balata refugee camp in Nablus, and broke into dozens of homes’ one resident was injured, three arrested.

Also, soldiers invaded Ein Beit al-Ma’ refugee camp near the city and conducted military searches.