The family of detainee Samer Nidal Issa, 20, appealed to humanitarian organizations to aid them in locating their son who was shot, mauled by military dogs, and arrested by the Israeli army on Friday.

Aqel was shot and arrested on Friday after the army invaded Balata refugee camp in Nablus.

Samer was seriously injured and attacked by military dogs after he was shot.

Palestinenet news website reported that the father of Samer was killed by the army during the first Intifada which started in 1987, one of his brothers was killed last year, and another brother is currently in detention.

The family appealed humanitarian organizations to attempt to locate their son, and provide him with the needed medical treatment.

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights condemned the arrest of the wounded resident, and considered the use of military dogs to attack and bite him after he was injured as a “war crime”.

The center called for an investigation to expose the continuous military attacks and violations conducted by the army in the Palestinian occupied territories.