Palestinians and international peace activists are currently gathering at Zabubah village near Jenin to start a three-week-long march along the route of the separation wall down to Jerusalem.

The march has been organized by several Palestinian grass-roots groups in cooperation with the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), a Palestinian led international group working to end Israeli occupation through non-violent means.

March organizers told IMEMC Friday morning that army vehicles are blocking the entrance of the village in an attempt to prevent Palestinians from nearby villages from joining the march.

Protesters are planning to walk along the wall route through Jenin, Qalqyliah, Tulkarem, Salfit, and Jerusalem districts.

Protesters will walk an average of 10 kilometers each day and will be hosted by Palestinian villagers in there homes.

The anti-wall march is part of the "freedom summer campaign", which started on June 25 and includes a series of peaceful protests and direct non-violent actions in the different parts of the Palestinian occupied territories.

An ISM spokesperson told IMEMC that the march also came in response to the International Court of Justice call upon world nations to work to dismantle the illegal wall.