Saturday morning, an extremist settlers group attacked dozens of residents and homes in the West Bank city of Hebron, moderately injuring a child near the Ibrahimi mosque.

A medical source in Hebron reported that Khitam Hasan al-Mohtasib, 12 years old, sustained concussions and bruises to several parts of her body after an extremist settlers group of the Abraham Abino illegal settlement outpost attacked dozens of residents, and hurled stones at Palestinian homes.

Abdul-Raouf al-Mohtasib, the uncle of Khitam, said that settlers attacked his niece, pulled her hair, slapped and punched her causing several injuries.

Al-Mohtasib added that settlers also attempted to break into his home and the home of his brother, and hurled stones and empty bottles at the two homes.

Israeli soldiers abducted the child and transferred to a police station in Keryat Arba’ settlement and interrogated her after claiming that she attacked the settlers.

The child was released and transferred to the Hebron governmental hospital.

Also, settlers surrounded the home of al-Mohtasib and threatened to burnt it if he “doesn’t leave the area”, and move out of his city.

Residents Farah Gheith and Abdul-Mahdi Qfeisha said that settlers attacked their homes in the old city of Hebron and attempted to throw them out, damage reported.