Female detainees in Telmond detention for women revealed horrific stories of continuous abuse and daily humiliations conducted against them by Israeli soldiers.

{mosimage}“Telmond became worse than the American prison of Guantanamo prison, we are facing daily humiliations, soldiers are using naked body searches on daily basis, they touch us during the searches and humiliate us”, detainee Nariman Mohammad Hamsees told lawyer of the Palestinian Prisoners Society, Hanan al-Khateeb.

Nariman added that usually two or three soldiers force them to undress, and then they force them to bend, open the legs wide, and perform certain poses.

Detainee Latifa abu Thra’. From Nablus, said that a female soldier forced her to undress and bend, started looking at her body in a lusty way, and attempted to touch her in her privates.

Detainee Ala’ Hussein told lawyer al-Khateeb that the detainees are deprived of their medication rights, and that specialized doctors do not visit the detention.

“There are several sick detainees in Telmond, detainee Latifa abu Thra’ has anemia and diabetes, Lina Hindawi has ulcer and problems in her spine, Hala Jaber is suffering from slipped disk, and Amal Jom’a is suffering from respiratory problems and kidney failure”, Hussein said.

Yet, the army resumes its repeated attacks into the detainees’ rooms, imposed high fines on them without any explained reasons, and places some of them in solitary.

“They place us in solitary without any reason, then they search us while deliberately touching us in our private parts, in several cases they imposed fines on the detainees, they fines are usually 400NIS which is automatically deducted from the accounts of the detainees”, abu Thra’ said.

In repeated cases, the detainees were attacked by male soldiers while they were sleeping; the soldiers force them out of their beds, search them and search their rooms.

“Cockroaches, ants, bugs and gnats are filling our rooms, while the administration refuses to provide us with bug and insect exterminators, our rooms are so small, filled with humidity and lack proper ventilation”, abu Thra’ said.

Also, the detainees complained of corrupt food, and in some cases they were provided with food which had cockroaches in it.

Currently, there are 123 female detainees in Telmond detention, and 85 children.

Total number of child detainees in Israeli prisons arrived to 350 children, 85 of them are in Telmond Hasharon detention.

Since the beginning of al-Aqsa Intifada in September 30, 2000, Israeli soldiers arrested 3500 children, including 12 who were placed in administrative detention, and 8 underage female detainees in Telmond.

The Palestinian Prisoners Society reported that 95% of the child detainees were tortured during interrogation; they were molested and abused in order to confess to charges filed against them.

85% of the child detainees were forced to sign on statements in Hebrew without being able to understand their contents.

Source WAFA