Hamas and the Fatah ruling party have finally ended their dispute over the results of the local elections held on May 5.

The dispute was resolved through the mediation of an Egyptian security delegation that came to the Gaza Strip especially to lower tension that started to increase between the two major forces in the Palestinian political spectrum.

Senior officials of both parties, Ismael Abu Haneyeh of Hamas and Abdullah Al-Afranji of Fatah held a press conference declaring a joint agenda they came up with.

The agenda is a result of four-hour meeting that joined leaders of both parties and the Egyptians.

Abu Haneyeh read a joint press release issued by Hamas and Fatah in which they declared the end of the tension and agreed to maintain the national unity and to dialogue to solve future disputes.

"Brothers at the Palestinian National Liberation Movement (Fatah) and brothers at the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) agreed to preserve the national unity and to resort to dialogue to solve internal conflicts and disputes and to put an end to the tension and enforce the principle of partnership based on political pluralism," the press release read.

The press release also included an agenda for joint work and set mechanisms to sovle problems.

The Egyptian delegation’s efforts in bridging the gap and ending the conflict were also appreciated in the press release.

"Both Hamas and Fatah deeply thank our brothers in the President and the people of the Arab Egyptian Republic, particularly the members of the delegation for their efforts in achieving this noble goal everybody was opting for."

The Egyptian delegation met earlier with representatives of several Palestinian political factions including Hamas and Fatah separately before joining them together in this reconciliatory meeting.