Detainee Murad abu Sakout, appealed humanitarian organizations and the P.A ministry of detainees, to interfere for his release, after his health condition critically deteriorated in Israeli detention.

Abu Sakout, from Bani Neim village near Hebron, was arrested four years ago and sentenced to 25 consecutive years.

The Detainees Media Center reported on Sunday that abu Sakout is suffering from lung cancer; and that part of his right lung was removed but cancer spread to the rest of his lung, while his left ling is not functioning properly.

Abu Sakout is currently at al-Ramleh detention hospital since he depends on a respiratory system.

In a letter sent through the Detainees Media center to the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, and humanitarian organizations, abu Sakout said,

“I want to die between the hands which raised me, I want to see the sunlight before I pass away, and embrace the soil of my country without my chains”.

Head of al-Ramleh detention hospital approved the release of abu Sakout, but the military intelligence is installing his release.