The Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei dismissed reports on Palestinian Authority decision to delay taking the West Bank Separation Wall issue to the United Nations Security Council until after the United States presidential elections in November 2004, Palestine News Network reported.

Qurei told reporters after the Palestinian Government meeting in Ramallah, the second in two days, ‘We need time to make full consultations with local and International organizations and forums that can help pushing towards and accelarating the implementation of the World Court ruling.’

Qurei said that the PA will go to the UN General Assembly to request discussing this issue in the UN Security Council since the General Assembly is the body that asked the International Court to give its advisory opinion which outlawed the Wall and asked Israel to tear it down and compensate the Palestinians who were affected by its construction.

‘I think the decision of the General Assembly will be in accordance to the World Court ruling, and will determine the mechanism to implement it’ said Qurei. He added ‘We will follow up this issue in cooperation with our brothers and friends who believe that there can be no co-existence on this land with the presence of the wall.’

Qurei who is scheduled to meet with the U.S. national Security Advisor’s assistances, Steve Huddly and Eliot Abrams, said he will clearly covey the Palestinian point of view to them.

‘We welcome meetings with the American, officials and friends, and we will tell them our stand on several issues including the ICJ ruling issue’ said Qurei.

No doubt that the only safety net for Israel in the Security Council is the United States’ VETO which if used against a resolution demanding Israel to tear down the Wall, the U.S. will be standing against the International Law by obstructing the International Court of Justice ruling. This will affect the Election Campaigns they believe.

However, others believe this will not affect election campaigns as both President George W. Bush and Presidential candidate John Kerry support the Wall and object the ICJ ruling.