The Palestinian district coordination office, DCO, in Hebron, reported that Israeli soldiers broke into homes in the city, and Yatta village, and conducted military searches.

The DCO stated that soldiers used the home of Hasan Shihada Ed’es, 45, as a military post and completely controlled the second floor and its rooftop after forcing the family out.

Ed’es said that a military officer informed him that the soldiers will remain in his home until further notice.

In a separate incident, soldiers detained dozens of residents in the old city of Hebron, and interrogated the youth, no arrests.

Also, a source at the Hebron Construction Committee said that soldiers detained dozens of residents in front of the committee building, including three employees of the committee, and interrogated them.

The employees were identified as Mustafa al-Jabareen, Khalil abu Shamsiyya, and Mahdi al-Qawasmi.

Soldiers also broke into homes in the village of al-Rehiyya, south of Hebron, and conducted military searches.

Resident Mohammad Salman Toubasi, 45, said that soldiers broke into his home, forced his family out and conducted military searches, damage reported.