Translated by, Saed Bannoura, IMEMC

Settlers in Hebron repeatedly targets Palestinian homes, markets, cars and residents and continued their efforts to occupy more lands from its Palestinian owners and erect new settlement outposts.

Keryat Arba, Sousa, Kharseena, Ramat Yeshai, Hagai, Beit Hadassah, Beit Romano… and endless names of settlement encircling the city of Hebron, filling the city and the surrounding areas with extreme settlers who have been classified in Israel itself as the most extreme settlers in the west Bank.

Hebron, a major target for settlements and settlers who continuously conducted several attacks against the Palestinians in order to through them out of their land and empty the city from its original owners.

“Settlers in keryat Arba’ and the neighboring settlement of Kharseena, are inhibited by the most extreme and fundamental settlers in Israel”, this statement was not released by a Palestinian, this statement was released by Yael Dyane, the daughter of Moshe Dyane, the Israeli Prime minister during the six days war, during a visit to the Ibrahimi Mosque, in Hebron, and the result of her words was a hot glass of tea spilled at her face, in a scene documented by Israeli and International press.

The Question that emerges his is, “if this was the response settlers made to a Knesset Mk, what kind of response would the Palestinian have, what kind of response and effect would it have on their lives?”

Yossi Sarid, member of Yachad and the Democratic Choice party, Member of the Foreign Affairs & Defense Committee, and an x-minister, commenting on settlers and their assaults said, “I thank God that they are not my neighborhoods”.

Keryat Arba was first erected in 1968 after occupying the west Bank in 1967; at the beginning it was only a police station, just a small police station to maintain “law and order”, nowadays, it is inhibited by more than 6800 settlers, this situation applies to tens of settlements in the West Bank.

Its doing like a disease, Cancer, slowly spreading in the body of Hebron, eating its flesh day by day, this chronic disease is called Moshe Livinger, who was the first settler who lived in Hebron, he came as a tourist accompanied by less than ten men who lived in an old small hotel in Hebron called “the immortal river”, and slowly other settlers started to come and started to control more lands by robbing it away in addition to daily attacks against the Palestinian families forcing them to leave, land were taken, residents were removed, daily shooting and assaults against Palestinian families became a daily horror.

Keryat Arba is a terrifying name, no one is allowed to get near to, settlers there over the past 36 years, continuously assaulted Palestinian homes and fields, uprooting them, and burning their products.

Wherever you turn around, wherever you sight send you in Hebron, you will see settlers with automatic guns controlling the area, attacking the residents and their properties as if it a land were law is taken by hand, by the logic of guns and power.

It’s all there, yesterday, now and tomorrow, settlers remained and increased, yet their assaults against the Palestinian residents in Hebron also increased gradually and consistently.