An Israeli military source reported on Monday evening, that the evacuation of Kadim and Ghanim settlements, north of the West Bank, was completed.

Most of the settlers of the two settlements, which are both mostly secular settlements, already left their homes in recent weeks, the remaining families moved out on Monday.

The Israeli security forces handed evacuation orders to the nine families which remained in the two settlements, and they agreed to move without any resistance, an Israeli security source reported.

Eight settler families left during the day, while a last family is expected to leave on Monday evening or at night.

“The settlers of Kadim held a ceremony before departing”, an Israeli source reported, “They vowed to return to the settlements”.

The Israeli army started taking positions in the two settlements which not be demolished until the Israeli government votes on the issue next week.

The two other West Bank settlements, slated for evacuation are considered the basis of resistance against pullout.

Israeli security forces left the two settlements on Monday after settlers refused to accept the evacuation orders.