A group of extremist settlers attacked, on Saturday, left-wing Israeli activists in Sweisa area, in the southern Hebron Hills, two activists were injured.

Seven left-wing activists from the Ta’ayush (co-existence) organization visited Hebron on Saturday in order to document Israeli violations of human rights in Hebron.

The group went to Hebron in order to monitor the effects of the expansion of what the Israeli army describes as a security buffer zone in Sweisa area.

The Israeli army bars the residents from entering the zone in spite that it is on privately-owned Palestinian lands.

A Member of Ta’ayush and its filmmaker, Ra’anan Alechsandrovic, was attacked by an armed settler as he tried to videotape the settlers while throwing unknown object into a well used by the Palestinian residents.

The assailant was covering his face and struck Alechsandrovic in his head using the butt of his rifle, and tried to grab his camera after failing on the ground. 

Nissim Mosek, Ta’ayush director, filmed the attack, but the settlers attacked him and confiscated his camera.

Also, Ezra Navi, a well-known veteran peace activist, said that the settlers attacked him, and hit him with his walking stick after taking it away from him.

Navi was hit on his head; the settlers also punctured the tires of his vehicle. 

Professor David Schulman, member of Ta’ayush, said that the settlers also used a stick which was taken away from a shepherd and attacked Navi.  

Ta’ayush filed a complaint to the Israeli Police in Hebron, Navi and Alechsandrovic were both injured and required medical care.