Israeli soldiers arrested on Monday at dawn, 23 residents in the West Bank city of Hebron, and the surrounding villages of Yatta, Al Shiokh, Sa’ir and Kharsa.

The Hebron office of the Palestinian Prisoners Society reported that soldiers broke into dozens of homes and searched them after forcing the families out for several hours.

The society stated that soldiers used excessive violence against the residents and their homes after breaking into them, causing damage to the furniture and properties.

The Prisoners Supporters Society reported that soldiers arrested five residents in Hebron and took them to unknown destinations.

The arrested residents were identified as Ghassan Al Qawasmi, 23, Mo’taz Al Ja’ba, 22, Hashim Abu Turkey, 22, Odeh Al Natsha, 25, and Ahmad Al Jabry, 18 years old. 

In Sa’ir village, near Hebron, soldiers arrested Hakim Mahmoud Al Shalalda, Osama Abdul-Mon’em Al Shalalda, Rafat Yousef Al Shalalda, and Abdul-Mahdi Al Shalalda.

Also, Hamed Ayaida, head of Al Shiokh village council, reported that soldiers broke into dozens of homes, searched them, and arrested twelve residents.

Ayaida identified the arrested residents as, Abdul-Karim Shihda Halaiqa, 41, Hasan Shihada Ayaida, 21, Ayed Mousa Halaiqa, 35, Nawaf Saher Halaiqa, 30, Ramiz Riziq Halaiqa, 20, Mohammad Talib Halaiqa, 22, Mohammad Nassim Warasna, 20, Samir Salama Ayaida, 22, Shawqi Idrees Warasna, 24, Haitham Ismail Ayaida, 18, and Ahmad Sakit Ayaida.   

In kharsa village, soldiers arrested Abdul-Halim Mahmoud Talahma, 42, and Hatim Ibrahim Shadid, 25, and imposed curfew on the village barring the residents from leaving their homes.