Israeli security services reported that it arrested, on Sunday, a Palestinian resident who is believed to be behind the death of a British Yeshiva student in Jerusalem.

Shmuel Mett, a 21-year-old Briton, studying at the Mir Yeshiva, was killed in the Old City of Jerusalem on August 24, 2005, his fellow student, Sam Weissbard, 22, was injured in the same attack.

An Israeli security source reported that Abdul-Mo’iz Al Jo’ba, 43 year-old from Hebron, admitted during interrogation that he stabbed Mett to death and injured Weissbard.

Also, the source added that Al Jo’ba said that he stabbed the two religious Yeshiva students, in retaliation to the desecration of two mosques in Jaffa and Hebron.

Extremist settlers threw a pig’s head at a mosque in Jaffa, and drew a pig’s head at a wall of a mosque in Hebron.

The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court remanded the detention period of Al Jo’ba on Tuesday after soldier took him to the stabbing location to illustrate the details of the attack.

Al Jo’ba, who is believed to be affiliated with Hamas movement, told investigators he decided to carry the attack in Jerusalem in order to ‘die near the Al-Aqsa Mosque and defend Islam’, Israeli online daily Haaretz reported.

Al Jo’ba is married with two children and works as a shoemaker in Hebron; he traveled from Hebron to Abu Dis near Jerusalem, entered the Old City of Jerusalem and bought a butcher knife, Haaretz said.

“He stabbed Mett, and Weissbard near Jaffa Gate, threw his knife and escaped”, Haaretz added.