Dozens of Jewish worshippers attacked an Israeli military official at the Wailing Wall plaza in Jerusalem on Friday night, Israeli sources reported.

Chief of Manpower branch of the Israeli army, Major General Elazar Stern, was in a civilian dress when he went to pray at the Western Wall, accompanied by his family. Worshippers surrounded him, yelling insults, and attempted to prevent him from reaching the wall.

The worshippers, who mostly were right wing, began throwing stones and other objects in his direction, as police surrounded him and his family.

Stern was not hurt, and a police officer lightly wounded in the head did not require medical treatment.

It is most likely that Stern was attacked for his role in the disengagement plan from the Gaza Strip conducted in September.

Police evacuated Stern and his family and detained one suspect in the attack.

Chief of Staff Major General Dan Halutz issued a condemnation of the attack.