Avigdor Lieberman, member of the Israeli Ichud Leumi party (National Union) called for banning Arab Knesset member Ahmad Tibi from running in the upcoming Knesset elections after he asked foreign ambassadors to oblige Israel to allocate 20% from the US and European financial aid to develop the Arab community in Israel.

The statements of Tibi came during a meeting with foreign ambassador at the Musawa (equality) center.

Lieberman said that his party will demand the Central Elections Committee in Israel to ban Tibi from participating in the elections in light of his proposal and the visit he conducted to Lebanon.

Lieberman suggested that Israel should establish a wing to follow up on Arab members of Knesset inside the country and aboard, because “they are against the state”.

Tibi, head of the Arab Movement for Change called on the diplomatic bodies in Israel to intervene to improve the conditions of the Arab minority in Israel. He called on the ambassadors to help out by building a university in Nazareth and a hospital in the Arab sector.

Tibi told 40 diplomats and ambassadors in Israel that the Israeli State defines itself as a Jewish state; therefore it must respect the international charters and recognize the Arab residents as a national minority.

Lieberman is known for his repeated calls to expel the Arab residents of Israel in order to preserve the Jewish nature of Israel.

In 2004, Lieberman called for transferring the Arab residents of Israel; he suggested transferring 90% of the Arabs in Israel to the future “Palestinian State” which will be established in the West Bank.

Lieberman suggest that the settlers living in the Palestinian Areas should be moved into Israel. ‘They [the settlers] should return to Israel’ Lieberman said.

Also, Lieberman believes that the only way to end the Arab-Israeli conflict is to separate the two peoples. According to him, this is the only way to achieve stability.

“Israeli Arabs, are the main problem, we should replace land and people, this is the only way”, Lieberman added.

He believes that 90% of the Arab residents in Israel should “fit themselves” in the Palestinian State, meanwhile, Jews in the West Bank should “return to Israel”.

He suggested that Israel should start transferring the Arab residents of Sakhnin, Jaffa, and then all of the Arab residents without any exception in order to “Guarantee a complete Jewish State”.

In his different speeches and statements, Lieberman repeatedly referred to the Arab residents of Israel and a “demographic threat”.