Palestinian Interior Minister, Nasser Yousef, said that the ministry prepared a plan to control the security situation in the Palestinian territories, and impose law and order.

In an Interview with Palestine New Network (P.N.N) Yousef said that Palestinian security forces, which was deployed on Tuesday, in Nablus district started its normal activities.

“These forces are composed of security men from the West Bank”, he said, “They are our brothers, and are here to help, serve and protect their people”.

Also, Yousef added that this force is the force which was specially formed in order to control the settlements which Israel evacuated, north of the West Bank.

Yousef denied reports which claimed that the force which was deployed in Nablus area is not from the West Bank, and that it is not the Bader force which is based in Jordan.

The Bader force and other security forces which is part of the Palestinian Liberation Organization were not allowed in the Palestinian territories due to differences between the Palestinian Authority and Israel.