Arab League Secretary General Amr Mousa said the Palestinian cause is at the top of his priority list and a prime issue for 2006.

In an exclusive statement to PNN, Mousa said the situation in Palestine and an end to the Israeli occupation so peace could prevail is a top priority of the Arab League next year, stressing that the main starting point of the Arab position is the Arab peace initiative adopted at the 2002 Beirut Summit and which was also adopted in the Algiers Summit.
The initiative was discussed among Arab counties throughout this year, which confirms the Arabs’ readiness for a comprehensive peace and friendly and normalized relations in exchange for an Israeli withdrawal, an end to the occupation, a resolution to the refugee problem and the return of occupied Jerusalem.
Mousa says what Israel is doing today in the Palestinian territories is nothing short of state-sanctioned terrorism, stressing that the Arab League would not stand idle and be a mere observer to these terrorist actions, which target the existence of the Palestinian people over and above any liquidation of resistance fighters, which is the recurrent Israeli claim.

Mousa also called on the United States to reconsider what its ally, Israel is doing in the Palestinian territories, saying the policy of violence adopted by Israel against the Palestinian people will only generate.