A group of extremist armed settlers attacked on Saturday several Palestinian Shepherds east of Sa’ir village, in Hebron district; one shepherd was badly injured in his face.

A medical source in Hebron reported that resident Moneer Mohammad Shalalda, 25,  was badly bruised in his face in addition to sustaining cuts and bruises in several parts of his body. He was transferred to Alia Hospital in Hebron.

Shalalda was herding his sheep along with other shepherds when an extremist settlers group attacked them in Al Qanoub area. east of Sair village.  

The area is close to an illegal settlement outpost known as “Asfar”.

He said that after he was attacked by the settlers, an Israeli police jeep and an army jeeps arrived in the area but the settlers fled the scene. The Israeli police told Ghanayim that he should receive medication in an Arabic hospital.

Mohammad, the father of Moneer, said that settlers hurled stones at the shepherds in an attempt to force them out of a land adjacent to the illegal settlement outpost.

Troops detained several farmers in the area and interrogated them. The settlers remained in the loose while the police did not even attempt to know their descriptions.