Palestinian Legislative Council Spokesperson and Hamas political party member, Ghazi Hamad, says that has yet to give them a chance.

In a Tuesday declaration, Hamad said that will not cease its attacks long enough for Palestinian parties and resistance factions to have a chance to even speak about another ‘period of calm.’ Hamad also stated that the continual Israeli invasions have added to the state of internal chaos, in addition to major moves by the armed resistance.

Speaking with the Voice of Palestine radio, Hamad continued to say that the Palestinian government has no problem speaking about a ‘period of calm,’ while accusing the Israeli government of trying to aggravate the situation. Israeli attacks have been daily in several West Bank and Gaza Strip areas while yesterday’s Palestinian attack in Tel Aviv is the one that made the news.

Hamad said, “Until they stop attacking the Palestinians, we cannot even make room to think naturally about how to proceed.” This is the latest Israeli policy according to many analysts.

One of the major obstacles to a ‘period of calm’ are people on the streets who have discussed the idea, as has the government, on several occasions, but, says Hamad, “Israel is the one that targets civilians especially, kills them in the streets, in the schools and in the homes. ’s attitude is to initiate a spiral that they have been trying to goad the Palestinians into.” And it finally worked yesterday in Tel Aviv.

Regarding Palestinian Authority employee salaries, Hamad expressed his belief that a solution is in sight as several countries have offered funds. The has promised, however, to interfere. Just after announced it would donate 50 million USD to help ease the situation, the said it would “investigate.” And the issue of how to get the money to Palestine is of concern as well as froze PA bank accounts in the past. However Hamad did say, “There is a possibility for covering this month and perhaps next month also.”

Concerning the issue of forming a national coalition government Hamad said, “The issue might have been misunderstood that it meant to cancel the current government. We mean that the government will continue to exist, but the door is still open for the partnership of all.”