Palestinian medical sources in Gaza reported on Wednesday evening that Israeli soldiers killed three Palestinian security officers near the “security fence” located east on the borders between Israel and east of Gaza. Three residents suffered mild to moderate wounds.


Dr. Jom’a Al Saqqa, head of the Emergency Unit at Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza reported that two bodies and four injured resident were transferred to the hospital after being hit by Israeli military shells. Two of the killed residents were identified as Khader Qasem, 20,  and Eyad Hammad Abu Sal’a, 22; both are members of the Palestinian security force,  
Later on, a third body was found in the same area after the army shelled it with artillery fire; the body was not identified since it was severely mutilated.

The Israeli Radio reported that troops opened automatic fire at four Palestinians who approached the borders fence between the eastern part of the Gaza Strip and Israel. The incident took place near Nahal Oz agricultural crossing, east of the Gaza Strip.

Israeli army sources reported that soldiers began shelling the area near the border fence after spotting two suspicious figures approaching the place.

Israeli online daily, Haaretz, reported that one shells struck a Palestinian security post opposite Nahal Oz Israeli post, in the Western Negev. The post is manned by security members subject to the authority of the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas,

Army said it would investigate the incident in the event that the Palestinian Authority submits an official complaint.