The Hamas and Fateh leadership completed their meetings in Egypt today, and agreed to activate what they refer to as the “Commission of Inquiry.” The agreement was reached in light of the internal fighting between the Hamas and Fateh resistance movements associated with the Palestinian security forces in the Gaza Strip.



The President of the Hamas party in the Palestinian Legislative Council said during a post-meeting press conference Wednesday, “We focused the dialog on the abuses occurring on the ground and focused on how to prevent further spilling of precious Palestinian blood, which is of dear importance to all the people. We did not put the referendum on the table for discussion during the meeting.”

He continued, “It was agreed to activate the Commission of Inquiry, which had been agreed upon in the past to investigate and solve each of incidents which have passed, holding accountable all those persons involved. Hence we request and order that all factions desist from any semblance of tension and bloodshed and we hope that this meeting will augur well for their future resolve in all internal differences, and proceed without delay to implement the project and protect our internal Palestinian affairs.”

The Chairman of the Hamas Bloc at the Legislative proceedings said that when tensions on the ground are stopped, all problems will be resolved as the causes of the internal conflict can then be addressed between political leaders of the two parties.

He continued, “In the dialog today we agreed to lift the cover from the two parties in order to invite the other in. We must work together to solve the problems and investigate the serious offenses taking place on the ground, leaving in their wake victims on a daily basis.”

The Fateh party representative in the meetings said, “It was agreed that the Palestinian government must take its role in ending these events, and that commissions for inquiry and cooperation with both Fateh and Hamas participating will be able to provide all defendants, abusers and offenders, and bring each who is judged accordingly to justice.”

The Fateh representative concluded by stating, “We hope that through the efforts of our Egyptian brothers and thanks to the cooperation and positive dialog from all who participated, that we can finally put an end to these unfortunate events. We reached a stage where we generally agree politically on a national program.”