A statistical report documenting the Israeli violations against the Palestinian people asserted that Israeli occupation forces killed ten Palestinians and injured 59 others in one week throughout the different Palestinian provinces, committing 886 violations since 23/5/2006 until 29/5/2006, the International Press center reported.

The report, prepared by the Palestinian National Information Center (PNIC), stated that Israel continues to use war machines against the unarmed Palestinian population, violating their human rights and inflicting maximum damages on them.

Among the violations included shooting incidents, neighborhood invasions, incursions, establishing military roadblocks and frequent closures of towns and villages.

The report further explained that Israeli forces opened fire at Palestinian citizens and their properties 75 times, killing ten. 59 others were injured, while 106 citizens were arrested during 32 arrest campaigns.

PNIC confirmed in its report that Israeli forces established 112 mobile military roadblocks, as well as closing the main crossings for Palestinian travelors and goods 313 times.

The report also found that there were four Israeli settler attacks against Palestinians that week.

This brings the total number of Israeli violations against the Palestinian people since the signing of the ceasefire declaration on February 8, 2005 to 39562. In that time 300 Palestinians were killed, 1952 were injured and 6,809 were arrested.

Israeli forces also seized a total of 36495 Dunums of arable lands for the construction of the wall and illegal settlement expansion, while the settlers carried out 699 attacks against the Palestinian civilian population.