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Palestine Today a service of the international Middle East media centre for Wednesday June 7th, 2006
Army shells several areas in the Gaza strip, the new security forces clash with unknown gunmen in Gaza, two injured. One resident killed in the Wednesday market in Khan-Younis town in the Gaza strip
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Army shells several areas in the Gaza strip
Israeli air force jets fired several missiles into the northern Gaza strip Wednesday at dawn.
The shelling targeted residential areas in the town of Beit lahia, causing damage to houses though it is not known yet if there are any injuries, local sources reported.
This is not the first attack the Israeli jet fighters have targeted the Gaza strip  earlier this week. The area was also shelled Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.
The new security forces clash with unknown gunmen in Gaza,two injured
Two members of the newly formed security forces were injured during clashes between the security force and unknown gunmen, in the Gaza strip, Wednesday morning.
The clashes lasted for more than half an hour in the Sheikh Radwan neighbourhood in Gaza City, eyewitnesses said.
The two injured were rushed to a nearby hospital their injuries were moderate, medical sources reported.

Army injures two youths during Tubass Invasion

The Israeli army injured two youths during an invasion of the West Bank city of Tubass late Tuesday night.
Troops stormed the village and shot live rounds and sound bombs randomly at residents in streets and houses.
The injured were identified as Amar Faqah and Mohmaed Al Aidah, both 16 years old. The two were rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment, local sources reported.
Army invades Jenin and the nearby Araba village and arrests two residents
The Israeli army invaded the West Bank city of Jenin and the nearby village of Araba Wednesday morning. Two arrests were made as the army entered the city from several directions and conducted house searches.
Kammal Lahloh, 35, was arrested after his house was searched he was taken to an unknown location.
Meanwhile another army force stormed the village of Araba West of Jenin and arrested Samer Assaf, 37, after surrounding his house and searching it. He was also taken to unknown location, local sources reported.
Army continues its siege on villages west of Salfit
The Israeli army is continuing its siege Wednesday, on several villages west of the West Bank city of Salfit. Troops closed the checkpoint at the entrances of Al Zawia, Rafat, Dier Balot, and Masha village, disconnecting villagers from the city and surrounding villages, local sources reported.
Soldiers have been stopping cars and residents from crossing the checkpoint to get to their schools and jobs.
According to the local residents, soldiers have detained villagers trying to cross the checkpoint for long periods of time in the heat. This adds to the already tense situation residents are currently living in, the sources added.
Army hands out military orders to demolish shop stands in Al Khader village near Bethlehem
The Israeli army handed out military orders to demolish shop stands located at the southern entrance of Al Khader village near the West Bank city of Bethlehem, Wednesday afternoon.
According to the shop owners, several Israeli civil administration officers and two military jeeps stormed the area served eviction notices stating that the stands are in an Israeli area and will be demolished on Sunday 11th of June at the expense of the owners.
The  little shop stands were the only source of income for the owners resident in Al Khader village since they lost their jobs in Jerusalem and other west bank cities due to the Israeli army occupation and the policy of closure implemented by the Israeli army.
Army invades Beit Kahel near Hebron village and arrests three residents
The Israeli army has arrested three residents from the village of Beit Kahel north west of the West Bank city of Hebron in a pre dawn invasion, Wednesday.
Troops and army vehicles stormed the village at around 3:00am and started to search several houses in the village, local sources reported.
The three arrested were identified as; Ra’fat Al Asafra, 22, Mohamed Al Zohor 23 and his brother Ra’ed, 17, all were taken to unknown locations, the sources added,
One resident killed in the Wednesday market in Khan-Younis town in the Gaza strip
Unidentified gunmen shot and killed one resident at the Wednesday market in the Town of Khan ñ Younis south of the Gaza strip, on Wednesday.
Monier AL Abed, 29, was killed after being shot in the head medical sources reported.
According to eyewitnesses, Al Abed was killed while walking in the market when a car stopped near him then masked gunmen shot and killed him.
Palestinian Police closed the area and insisted an investigation of the attack.
Settlers abducts a Palestinian national security office from Rammallah
A group of Israeli settlers abducted a Palestinian officer from the Palestinian national security forces in the West Bank city of Rammallah, late Tuesday night.
Ziad Hassan, 29, was hijacked by the group of the settlers and taken to an unknown location whilst shopping for furniture for his home in the industrial area in the city, his family reported.
According to the family, the army has attacked the house of Hassan several times and destroying their furniture, Hassan lives in the village of Budrus near the city.
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