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 Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Tuesday, June 6th, 2006.
Five injured in a RPG attack on Preventative Security headquarters in Gaza meanwhile in the West Bank One resident injured in unexplained explosion in Hebron and Army sets farms in Tayasser village on fire     
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Five injured in a RPG attack on Preventative Security headquarters in Gaza 
Five Gaza City residents were injured, including two  PA officers,  when three RPG’s  (rocket propelled grenades)  landed at the preventative security headquarters in Gaza city on Tuesday afternoon.
One of  the five was seriously injured in the attack and all were moved to a nearby hospital for treatment, the other four injures were  between moderate and light, medical sources reported.
Eyewitnesses said that the RPGs were launched at the headquarters from a nearby building causing a lot of damage as well as injuring the five Palestinians.
Official sources have confirmed the incident and said that an investigation into the reasons and group behind the attack has begun; they have so far refused to make any speculation about who could be responsible.
One resident injured in unexplained explosion in Hebron     
 On Tuesday one resident from Hebron city was injured in an unexplained explosion. The Israeli army has intensified its presence in several parts of the city.
Abd Al Fatah Ezghaier, sustained several cuts across his his body due to an explosion from an as yet unidentified cause, he was moved to a nearby hospital for treatment, Medical sources reported.
On Tuesday the Israeli army has intensified its presence in the old town area of the city, and are stopping and searching residents before allowing them to pass, local sources reported.
Army sets farms in Tayasser village on fire     
 Israeli armed force has set fire to farm lands belonging to farmers from the village of Tayasser, east of the West Bank city of Tubass, Tuesday at dawn.
The soldiers fired light bombs which landed on the fields that the farmers use to herd sheep by the local farmers. Troops prevented the Palestinian fire brigades from butting of the fire ,to prevent the destruction the land, local sources reported.
Also an Israeli fighter jet fired light bombs near the city of Tubass, causing fire and crop damage, sources added.  Crops are the main source of income for residents in the Tubass area.
Army arrests one resident from Tulkarem     
The Israeli army arrested one resident from the West Bank city of Tulkarem Tuesday morning.
The army invaded the city, and surrounded and searched the house Samier Barhosh, 34, searched it, and then arrested him. Barhosh was taken to an unknown location, local sources reported.
Barhosh works as an officer in the Palestinian Authority national security force in the city, the sources added.
Palestinian resistance fires two homemade shells at Sederot     
The Al Quds Brigades, the military wing of Islamic Jihad fired two home-made shells at the Israeli town of Sderot, on Tuesday.
In a press release the Brigades said that this action is a response to the ongoing Israeli attacks against Palestinian civilians, and the Israeli state policy of targeted assassinations of Palestinian political and armed resistance leaders
The Brigades stated in their press release that they will continue their resistance against the illegal Israeli occupation and ongoing repression of the Palestinian people.
Soldier commits suicide in a village mosque east of Tubass     
One soldier from the Israeli army has committed suicide in Al Aqba village mosque east of the West Bank city of Tubass, Monday at dawn.
The soldier killed himself after attacking the village and showering the villagers homes with live rounds. Afterwards he went into the village mosque and fired round into the walls and belongings of the mosque, causing sever damage before shooting himself. He died instantly, eyewitnesses reported.
Army invades Al Aqba village and imposes curfew     
More than 300 Israeli army soldiers invaded the village of Aqpa east of the West Bank town of Tubass and imposed curfew on the village, Tuesday morning.
According to the local villagers, soldiers and army vehicles along with helicopters were deployed in the invasion.
Soldiers are conducting house to house search in the village and more troops are taking positions on top of residents’ roof tops, the villagers added.
Army arrests six residents from Nablus     
The Israeli armed forces arrested six residents in a massive military invasion to the West Bank city of Nablus Tuesday at dawn.
Massive army forces enterd the city and the nearby Balata and Al Ein Refugee camp. Soldiers used sound bombs and live rounds as a cover for them, eyewitnesses reported.
Soldiers searched scores of homes in several parts of the city and the two refugee camp before arresting the six residents and took them to unknown locations.
Among the arrested are Yasser Kaldonah, 18, Abd Al Haleem Daowed, 19, Ahmad Abu Rizek, 25, Tahssen Kalionah, 18, Hamza Al Basstami, 25, and  Daowed Makawi, 30, local sources reported.
Army arrests one resident from Qabatia village south of Jenin     
Mo’taz Hanaisha, 27, was arrested when troops invaded the village of Qabatia south of the West Bank city of Jenin Tuesday at dawn.
Army vehicles entered the village and soldiers searched several homes and checked residents ID cards, local sources reported.
Hanaisha was arrested when troops searched his house and he was then taken to unknown location, his family said.
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