The Prisoner Supporters Society released a statement Sunday indicating that the Israeli Prison Administration is barring visits to the Palestinian political detainee Ibrahim Hamid, member of the Al Aqsa Brigades, the military wing of Fateh.

Hamid was arrested last month after the soldiers broke into his home and transferred him to an interrogation center near Jerusalem.

Lawyer of the  Prisoner Supporters Society, Salih Mahameed. submitted a request to visit Hamid for the third time since his arrest on 23 May, the request was denied, once again,  for what was described as “security concerns.”

Mahameed reported that denying the visitation for Hamid is against the law, especially since it was rejected for four consecutive times in three weeks.  

Hamid, a 45-year old father of two children, from  Silwad, was arrested last month. Israel claims that he is affiliated with Hamas and that he took part in resistance activities that resulted in Israeli death and injuries.

No evidence of conviction or testimonies were filed against him.