The leadership of Hamas and Fateh in the West Bank sent a letter Monday to colleagues in the Gaza Strip urging them to reach a national agreement as soon as possible to defuse internal confrontations.

A Hamas spokesperson in the West Bank and a member of the Fateh leadership, Ramzi Fayyad told a joint press conference, “More than 20 leading figures of the two movements, including deputies in the Legislative Council, signed the letter following a meeting convened in a Ramallah hotel.”

Information coming from the press conference continued, “They stressed in the course on the need to build all the factions of the charter of honor to preserve peace in the Palestinian community.”

The speakers were pleased. “We have asked our interlocutors in the Gaza Strip for the need to reach an agreement as soon as possible to reposition the Palestinian ability to remain steadfast.”
Fayyad said, “Let speakers refrain from incitement and build upon speech calling for unity.”

The leadership of Hamas and Fateh are included in forming another follow-up committee on the latest talks and it looks as those the two parties are interested in little other than promoting dialog.

Fayyad said during Monday’s press conference, “The Palestinian political system is in a major crisis and will be resolved either by violence or dialog. The historical responsibility of all parties is to resume dialog for resolve.”

He called Farhat Fayaz to stop the confrontations between gunmen from Hamas and Fateh in the Gaza Strip, and to “stop all forms of violent political expression.”