Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyya, reported on Friday that he will meet with President Mahmoud Abbas after the later arrives in Gaza. Among other issues, the meeting will focus on national dialog, the detainees document, national unity and way to preserve the interests of the Palestinian people.

Although Hamas movement did not change its position in rejecting the detainees’ document, Haniyya said that he hopes that the internal talks between the Palestinian movements, including his movement, Hamas, and Fateh movement headed by Abbas, will lead to an agreement.

Meanwhile, senior Palestinian sources reported on Friday that the factions are close to finalizing an agreement on national unity based on the document drafted by senior political detainees in Israeli prisons.

Fateh spokesperson in Gaza, Maher Miqdad, said that the factions participating in the dialog are very close to finalizing the agreement.

He added that once the factions arrive to the final agreement, the details will be made public. The final agreement will most likely be made public when President Abbas returns to Gaza.

Also, Miqdad added there will be several meetings with Abbas and Palestinian movements after he returns to Gaza. The meetings will reveals details on the agreement.

Regarding to referendum declared by Abbas, Miqdad said that there are no changes regarding its date, but if the parties reach a final agreement there will be no need to conduct it.

The referendum, announced by Abbas, is set for July 25.