Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will meet on Saturday with his Prime Minister Ismael Haniya in Gaza city to discuss several issues of interest, Palestinian sources reported.

Abbas and Haniya will discuss the latest developments on the ongoing national dialogue and the latest escalation of Israeli attacks against Palestinian resistance leaders and civilians in the West Bank the Gaza Strip.

In addition, the two leaders who represent the two main rival parties, Fatah and Hamas will also discuss the power conflict between the President and the government.

The national dialogue is expected to yield an agreement, otherwise the document presented by the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, which forms the base for the national dialogue will be set to a national referendum.

Despite the dispute about the legality of the referendum, Abbas issued a presidential decree setting the national referendum over the prisoners’ document, known as the “National Conciliation”, which calls, among other things, for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state in the territories that were occupied by in 1967.

Hamas and Fatah agreed on 15 out of the 18 points of the document.  .  The three remaining issues of conflict are the recognition of the Palestine Liberation Organization as the Palestinians’ supreme representative, the right of return for Palestinian refugees according to relevant UN resolutions, and the acceptance of a previous Arab peace initiative that provided the inspiration for the current document.

The Arab initiative, which was launched in March of 2002 in the Arab summit in Beirut, calls for a full normalization with for a full Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

rejected the initiative and responded by reoccupying the West Bank and building the wall which will confiscate almost 50 percent of the West Bank.