Israeli sources revealed information about Russian Snipers recruited to the Israeli Army to join the army’s military operations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.


These recruits, according to the Israeli daily newspaper Ma’ariv, have been working in the Russian army and participated in attacks against the Chechnya.

The snipers, known as ‘Foreign Birds’ have been recruited to assassinate Palestinian resistance men, Ma’ariv said.

The Ma’ariv report said, the Israeli army formed a special unit of six snipers to operate in the Gaza strip during the military operation for this purpose.

‘No one can underestimate the combat experience of this unit. Before they have been recruited to assassinate Palestinian operatives in Gaza Strip, they have been fighting in Afghanistan and Chechnya in a Russian uniform’ said the report.

The unit started operating in Gaza Strip almost one and a half years ago, and they were distinguished by ‘Tattoos’ on different parts of their bodies.

Israeli sources said that legends about those ‘Foreign Birds’ are being spread among the Israeli soldiers , especially after they have proved their ability to kill numbers of Palestinian resistance men in Gaza Strip.

Ma’ariv quoted one of the soldiers in the unit as saying, ‘These are special units with high abilities, the units’ members are well informed about the battlefield and provided the Army leadership with information about the Palestinian operatives and their location, including the time and location of their activities.

An Israeli military source claim that shooting attacks by Palestinian snipers at Israeli military installations declined by %60 one month after this unit started operating in Gaza strip. The source added that this unit has been released from service last July because of the high salaries they received, in addition to a complaint filed against these units by one of the Israeli Army officers who accused them of excessive usage of weapon and that they were trigger happy.

Source: Palestine News Network