It is true that Israel pulled out its military forces from inside the Gaz Strip, yet, attacks against Palestinian civilians and resistance groups never came to an end.  Over 370 Palestinians have been killed 24 percent of them are children, and over 1300 were wounded over 35 percent of them were children.

{mosimage}The Palestinian Ministry of Health issued a statement today reading in part,  “During a period of time when the world was under the illusion that had withdrawn from the Gaza Strip, it continued its attacks using warships, tanks, and air missile attacks. The bombing and destruction, killings and massacres, against the Palestinian people have not stopped.”

A Palestinian Ministry of Health spokesperson released the latest statistics Thursday indicating that since Israeli forces withdrew from inside the Gaza Strip at the end of last summer, they killed 378 Palestinians. Among those killed are 91 children under 18 years of age. Israeli forces injured 1,385 Palestinians, including 494 children.

A Ministry statement reported that since that same time Israeli forces killed 135 Palestinians in the West Bank.

The number of Palestinians Israeli forces injured added up to 1,905, including 757 children as reported in today’s press release.

“The seriousness of the deterioration of health conditions as a result of the crimes and massacres committed by Israeli occupation forces against the Palestinian people must not be understated.”

The need for hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and medical supplies dramatically doubled after the withdrawal due to the increased number of injuries, and the seriousness of so many of them, as a result of increased Israeli aggression.

A Ministry spokesperson said, “Unfortunately, because of the continuing escalation we can not compensate for what it has consumed in supplies, medicines and medical materials. The Israeli siege and closure imposed on crossings has also prevented delivery of all assistance, whether medical or humanitarian.”

He also pointed out that the continued power cuts and fuel shortages negatively impact hospital functions, including vaccinations for children which must be refrigerated. The toll has been just as dramatic on medical clinics throughout the Gaza Strip.

The Ministry of Health statement put emphasis on the fact that this has been going on for a year, and has nothing to do with the captured Israeli soldier or the armed resistance launching projectiles or the Israeli war against . “This is premeditated and deliberate targeting and killing more innocent civilians.”

The Ministry continued to assert, “The occupation army used lethal weapons, bombs and missiles, causing types of injuries that even international medical crews have not seen.”

This is in reference to explosive fragments scattered throughout the body, so dispersed as to be undetectable in some cases.

“Dead bodies are arriving in our hospitals so mangled, with their flesh torn in such a grotesque way, that it is clear the occupation army is using a new type of weapon.”