The Israeli police team investigating charges of sexual harassment
against against the Israeli President, Moshe Katsav, estimated that
they have enough evidence to press charges against him. The charges
include sexual harassment, indecent assault and taking advantage of his
authority in order to perform sexual relations.

Israeli online daily, Haaretz, reported that the investigation team, headed by  Lt.-Cmdr. Yoav Segelovich met with the Israeli attorney general Menahem Mazuz,  and State Prosecutor Eran Shendar to present the collected evidence.

So far, the Israeli police does not know if Katsav will undergo further interrogation, Haaretz added.

The investigation team works under the supervision of the International and Serious Crimes Unit. The team met first with Shendar and senior Justice Ministry officials and then updated Mazuz with the latest findings.

During a Monday interview with the Israeli TV, Channel 10, Mazuz said that he does intend to issue an interim report on the investigation hence it could undermine it.

When asked during the interview if he believe Katsav's claim that “gangs conspired to bring him down”, Mazuz said that “he does not think that this is the case”.

He also dismissed the likelihood of a claim made by Katsav that he had been a victim of  defame.

Zion Amir, the lawyer of Katsav, said during in interview with the Israeli Jerusalem Post that he “believes that Katsav “as talking in general about conspiracies and not specifically about the current investigation”.

Amir stated that Mazuz have not seen all evidence since this case has “natural sensitivity”. “Perhaps, it would have been better if he [Katsav] had not said anything that could be misinterpreted by the public in Israel”.