Christian politicians from different countries will meet with Israeli Members of Knesset Wednesday to show their support for Israel.  The Knesset’s Christian Allies Caucus will host 50 Christian politicians from Europe, South America, Asia and Africa in the Knesset Members’ Lunchroom as part of their program to develop ties with the international Christian community.

The Christian Government Luncheon is sponsored by “All Nations Convocation” and is in its third year.

The Israeli newspaper online YnetNews said the focus of Wednesday’s convention will be how to form a strong opposition against, what they described as radical Islam. 

 “Leaders from both faiths will discuss ways in which Christians and Jews can together face the ominous challenge of radical Islam and extremism in the 21st century,” the organization said in a recent statement.

The organization feels that Israel needs more support especially since Israel’s “war against Hizbullah.” This group is united in what they called "its shared Judeo-Christian" values and this year’s event will give the leaders a chance to renew their already strong relationship.

The Knesset Christian Allies Caucus of the Israeli Parliament was created in 2004 as a forum for outreach and communication between the two communities.

This convention comes shortly after the uproar against statements made by the Vatican Pope Benedict XVI seen by Muslims as insulting to Islam.

Many Arab chritsian clerics and leaders have rejected the Pope's statements.  The Pope made an explanation that the quotaiton he used does not necessarliy reflect his own opinion and apologized for the Muslims around the worlds.  The Pope later, met with ambassadors of Islamic countries in the Vatican and affirmed his respect to all religions including Islam.