One child was injured and four residents were taken prisoner by the Israeli
army in the southern West Bank cities of Hebron and Bethlehem on

Rabi' Awad, 9, was injured, on Wednesday afternoon, by a rubber round in his leg and was moved to a nearby hospital during clashes between the school boys and the Israeli soldiers who invaded Ithna village south of Hebron.

Troops attacked the school boys and fired sound bombs and tear gas before, the students responded with  bu hurling stones at the army, eyewitnesses reported.

Earliers on Wednesday morning, troops attacked, searched and ransacked several houses in the city of Hebron ,and the nearby Al Arroub refugee camp, and took three residents prisoners including a mother of five children.

Inass Shaheen, 33, she was taken from here house in Hebron city, Mohamed Abu Shikha, 16, and Mohamed Abu Ghazi, 21, from the Al Arroib refugee camp, all three were taken to unknown locations.

In Bethlehem city, Lou'ai Hlish, 27, was taken prisoner from his home located in Aida refugee camp in the northern side of Bethlehem, when troops invaded the camp and searched a number oh houses there, local sources reported.