Hamas movement, now in power, denounced Wednesday Washington’s intention to fund Palestinian security bodies.
Hamas’s spokesman, Ismail Radwan, said that the intended fund is a part of Washington’s intention to ‘fuel a civil war in the Palestinian arena’.

Palestinian chief negotiator, Saeb Eriqat, made clear that the funds are intended to furnish logistic support such as checking and surveillance equipment at crossing points, and that they would not be used for weapons.

Eriqat further pointed out that the funds will be used in supporting all the security bodies alike, and that the President, as the higher commander of Palestinian security forces, would receive them.

“These funds come in accordance with the Road Map peace plan that includes reinforcing the Palestinian security establishment”, the Palestinian official said.

Washington is expected to transfer a sum of $86 millions directly to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. American officials were quoted as saying that these funds are supposed to help Palestinian President to maintain law and order in Gaza Strip and the West Bank as well as train Palestinian security personnel.

The international community including the United States has been boycotting a Hamas-led government, since the latter came to power in last January’s democratic parliamentary elections.