Islamic Jihad senior leader in Gaza, Nafed Azzam, asserted yesterday that his group is utterly rejecting George W. Bush’s visit to the occupied West Bank, saying that the Islamic Jihad is condemning the US’s handling of the region’s policy.
Azzam’s remarks came on the sideline of a large demonstration the Islamist group staged in Gaza city on Tuesday night.

‘ The Islamic Jihad believes that Bush is coming to the region with hands stained with blood, as his government is practicing genocide against the Palestinian and Iraqi peoples’, maintained Azzam.

Khader Habin, another senior Jihad leader, said ‘ The Islamic Jihad publicly declares today its stark rejection of Bush’s visit’.

Thousands of supporters of the Islamic Jihad group took to the streets of Gaza on Tuesday, in protest to Wednesday’s visit by US President George W. Bush, who is to meet with Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, and Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, separately.

The Islamic Jihad is one of the Palestinian resistance-based factions which opposes peace with Israel, on the basis of a two-state solution based on 1967 borders, which Bush envisioned several years ago..

The group does not recognize Israel and insists that Israel has no right to any area of Palestine from the north to the south.