The Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) confirmed on Wednesday the US President’s visit to the Palestinian lands gives unrestrained support to the Israeli occupation and approves its legitimacy.PFLP censured the visit of Bush and considered it as a financial and military show of support to Israel. There is an American-Israeli alliance to destroy the Palestinian ambition of freedom and independence, the PFLP stated.

The general leadership of PLFP urged the Palestinian Authority to be cautious and to maintain the Palestinian national demands, especially the right of return for Palestinian refugees, the freezing of Israeli settlements and an end to the occupation.

In its statement to the press PFLP called on the PA to find a comprehensive national dialogue and to find an end to the Palestinian partition as with unity the Palestinians can resist the occupation which is supported by the Americans.

At the end of the statement PFLP called for the unity of all the Palestinian national parties based on a national agenda to achieve the Palestinian demands.