The United Nations Security Council failed on Tuesday evening to issue a statement condemning Israel for its siege on Gaza.The Libyan representative of the UN, who this month holds the Presidential seat of the Security Council, nullified the motion made by the Arab states in the UN to issue a statement condemning Israel for its siege on Gaza that stated two weeks ago.

Last week the Arab states that have representatives in the UN demanded an urgent Security Council meeting to issue a statement against the Siege in Gaza calling it an Israeli policy of collective punishment, the statement also demanded that the Palestinian resistance put an end to its home made shells which they have been firing at Israeli towns near Gaza.

Last week during the three day talks held at the UN Security Council on the issue, the USA and Israel refused to accept the statement and continued to argue that this siege is because of the Palestinian attacks.

On Tuesday Israels UN representative refused to negotiate the terms of the statement which led to its nullification, Israeli sources said.

The Israeli foreign Minister Tizpi Livni expressed her relief at the decision and stated ‘Israel does not have to apologize for defending its citizens’.

Israeli attacks and the siege on the Gaza strip over the past two weeks has left at least 50 Palestinians dead, whilst Palestinian home made shell attacks in the same period of time aimed at Israeli towns near Gaza left three Israelis lightly injured.