Local sources in Jenin, in the northern part of the West Bank, reported on Thursday that Israeli soldiers broke into the house of Sami Hasan Al Sous, in Jenin refugee camp, and forced him and his children into the rain and cold winter night. Meanwhile, the soldiers took their time to thoroughly search and damage the house, before arresting four family members.Sources stated that at approximately 2 a.m on Thursday morning, soldiers surrounded several houses and starting knocking on, and hitting, his door while loudly ordering him to open it.


“I looked through the window as I initially thought it was the wind hitting our doors and windows, but when i looked carefully I found out the the house is totally surrounded by soldiers”, Al Sous stated, “my whole family was scared, the children were crying and screaming, as I opened the door, ten soldiers jumped in and ordered me to bring everybody to the main door”.

He added that he told the soldiers that his children were sleeping and it was too cold to bring them near the door, but the soldiers forced him to wake his family and ordered everybody to step out, under the rain and cold winter wind.

Al Sous stated that he asked the soldiers to allow the children back inside but they rejected his request and continued their search inside the house for “wanted resistance fighters”.

When the soldiers found no fighters hiding in the house, they arrested the three sons of Al Sous; Ahmad, Salim and Samer, soldiers also arrested Ali, a relative who was spending the night at the house of Al Sous.

After several hours, the soldiers evacuated the area leaving the family soaked due to their enforced wait in the rain.

Meanwhile, Israeli military sources claimed that the army arrested four Palestinians, including a leader of the Islamic Jihad movement.