In the early hours of Monday morning, the Israeli military invaded the town of Huwwarah, south of Nablus, imposing a tight curfew on the area. Several military vehicles entered the town and sporadically opened gunfire and detonated sonic grenades. Civilians evacuated the streets, and many students were prevented from reaching their schools, hiding from seemingly random shooting from the Army veicles.
Preceding the operation, an Israeli settler was reportedly injured near the town, allegedly as a group of Palestinians hurled stones at his vehicle. He received medical treatment in the area, while Israeli military forces executed a ransacking operation, searching for the perpetrators.

In other parts of the West Bank, the Israeli military invaded the cities of Hebron, Qalqilia and Tulkarem, kidnapping six Palestinians.  A military spokesperson reported those detained without charge to be "wanted".  The army has now transferred them to Israeli interrogation centers.

Meanwhile, Israeli sources reported that "comprehensive measures" had been imposed on the northern West Bank city of Jenin, indicating an increase in military operations in the area.  It was claimed that the Israeli Security Service had received several notifications of forthcoming operations in Israel by groups associated with the Islamic Jihad movement in the occupied Palestinian territories.