The deposed Hamas government in Gaza slammed Wednesday a latest decision by the care-taker government to sell state-owned lands to foreigners.According to the minister of justice, Ali aL-Khashan, the decision pertains only to Diaspora Palestinians, who wish to resettle in the Palestinian territories.

Responding to the Hamas’s accusations, aL-Khashan denied totally that the decision will include non-Palestinian foreigners.

‘ All the applications that have been submitted by the Palestinian lands authority for the cabinet’s approval, have been filled in by Diaspora Palestinians’, the justice minister made clear.

The Palestinian minister of endowment and religious affairs of the Hamas-led government, Yousef aL-Mansi, earlier denounced the Ramallah cabinet’s decision, saying that ‘such transactions are void and null, while those involved are committing a ‘ great treason”.

‘ the land of Palestine is an Islamic Waqf territory and any inch of which can never be ceded’, aL-Mansi maintained.

According to the Hamas minister, the lands of Palestine should be restored to the Islamic rule rather then being sold to foreigners, whose identities are unknown, either Jews or others’.

The Islamist Hamas movement, which took power after January 2006’s parliamentary elections and was outlawed by President Mahmoud Abbas in June2007 in the wake of its takeover of Gaza, considers Palestine as one Islamic unit that can never be divided.

Currently, there are 4.2 million registered refuges in Palestine, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, while there are some million others in other countries.

In 1948, Israel displaced hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from historical Palestine, scattering them in neighboring Arab countries and other parts of the world.