The villagers of Bil'in, along with international and Israeli supporters, conducted their weekly protest against the illegal Israeli wall being built on village land.Israeli troops attacked protesters injuring four. Bil'in village, located near Ramallah held its weekly protest, as it has for the last three years. The protest started after Friday prayers, with participants marching from the village center towards the construction site of the Wall. The theme of this weeks protest was solidarity with Gaza, where Israeli attacks killed 44 Palestinians, this week.

Villagers and their supporters managed to reach the gate of the Wall, the barrier that has confiscated their land. Soldiers prevented the peaceful protesters from crossing at the gate, showering them with tear gas and sound bombs. Four protesters; Ibraheem Bornat, Adeb Abu Rahmah, Wa'el Nasser, Aiyed Burnat, were abducted by the soldiers and moved to a nearby military post.