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The Israeli army kills a Palestinian man in the West Bank, while in Gaza two people are pronounced dead, one dying wounds sustained during an earlier Israeli attack, those stories and more, coming up stay tuned.

The News Cast

Two Palestinians were reported dead on Wednesday in the Gaza strip, one died of wounds he sustained in an Israeli air attack last week and the other died sustained whilst making a home made bomb.

Aref Dughmosh was pronounced dead on Wednesday at dawn after succumbing to wounds he sustained when Israeli jet fighters attacked a Palestinian police station at Gaza city beach.

Meanwhile Ayiman Mansour, 25, southern part of the Gaza strip, sustained critical wounds late Tuesday night after a home made bomb he was making exploded, he was moved to the hospital where he was pronounced dead on Wednesday morning.

Saleh Karkuk, 28, said to be a Palestinian resistance fighter was killed by Israeli army fire during a morning invasion on Wednesday targeting the village of Sieda near the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem.

Palestinian sources said that the operation started on Wednesday at dawn when a dozen Israeli military vehicles and a bulldozer invaded the village of Sieda and surrounded a house. Soldiers using loud speakers called upon Karkuk to leave, or the house will be demolished with him inside.

Shortly after the army bulldozer demolished the front side of the house, soldiers noticed a body on the ground which they opened fire at, then the bulldozer pushed it out of the destroyed house. At around 9: 00 am on Wednesday the Israeli army left the village of Seida after completely destroying the house.

Also on Wednesday The Israeli army kidnapped at least 17 Palestinians during pre dawn invasions to across the West Bank. Palestinian sources said that kidnappings took place in Bethlehem and Hebron in the southern part of the West Bank as well as in Nablus and Jenin and the north.


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